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Brand strategy


The Brief

YHA is one of the largest and most established Youth Accomodation service providers in Australia. Over the last decade the brand had started to lose touch with a younger, more digitally connected and value conscious customer.

The brief was simple, “Make us cool again”.

The Brief
The Brief

The Strategy

design the brand, we ran a workshop with the YHA location managers and senior team to define who YHA is as a brand. Within our brand development process we have a number of workshop activities that help to define the central theme of the brand, the brand personality, tone and character. From the workshop the senior team identified they wanted the brand and personality to be ‘Bold’. They wanted to create brand and an experience that was confident, positive - a little dare devil. A brand that was daring, adventurous, and courageous like its customers. When exploring the personality of the brand, we used archetypes to help us profile the attitude and tone of our new ‘Bold’ brand. The team related with the archetypes of ‘The Explorer’ and ‘The Jester’. The Explorer was the embodiment of their customer. It’s all about exploring ones world inside and out. Find the limits of ones ability both in the world and personally. The Jester on the other hand was all about the fun playful side of the brand. At the end of the day, YHA is a travel brand for young adults who are taking timeout to experience new adventure - their extended backyard - the world. This, coupled with our customer research, created the framework for our brand. At the end of this process, we asked the team via our final workshop activity, Proto-ad, to take these new brand insights and design their brands pint-ad. This helped the team explore how this new brand experience and personality would come to life visually. What the team created was outstanding, we have a number of activities we run to help unify the team and get them to creatively express and define the personality of their brand. We wanted to tell our brand story through the experience of our travellers. We wanted to create an authentic expression for our Explorer and Jester. We then used these styles to look at our colour palette. The greatest issue with the current colour palette was the limited range. We did not see the need to re-invent the wheel. We simply needed to expand the range to help modernise and provide the team with variety. At the same time as looking at colours we started to look at fonts. Ideally we needed to find a brand font that was classic and would not age over time. Supporting this was a number of campaign fonts that were modern and would connect with the current, younger audience. This would give the brand consistency, yet give the communication a youthful look and feel. At the end of this process we brought all of these assets together to create a series of brand communication.
The Strategy

The Results

Within end customer testing we found that in 88% of occasions customers resonated with the new brand position, personality and visual direction.

The new brand has brought the team together and is creating a wave of internal changes to align the expression we have created within the experience the brand delivered within their hostels.