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GRiP: A New Approach to Selling More

GRiP: A New Approach to Selling More

It is with a bit of pride (and a lot of relief) we can introduce our first book ‘GRiP: How To Sell More Through The Rules Of Interpersonal Attraction’. The book introduces our unique advertising model to a business world that we feel is still tethered to marketing models that are out of touch with the modern consumer, who changed fundamentally seven years ago. The impact of the GFC made consumers extremely value conscious. On top of that, the introduction of the iPhone allowed people to become more informed, socially connected and digitally liberated. This type of customer is no longer impacted by traditional marketing tools like ‘Zag’ or ‘Behaviour Change’. GRiP flips these models on their head, creating a new way to engage and attract this new kind of buyer. GRiP puts emphasis on your product. In the book, we propose that if your product adheres to the rules of interpersonal attraction, your product’s buyability will increase. By distilling those rules into three easily measured variables, Generosity, Responsiveness and Proximity (GRiP), we’ve provided brands a checklist that gives a specific read on what areas they need to focus on to sell more. In the spirit of the book, we’d like to display some generosity of our own – we want you to have a free copy. We’d love you to use GRiP and share your findings with us so that we can further develop the concept for future editions. Feel free to contact us if you’d like us to take you through the GRIP process or even present it live at your office.