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We have partnered with 2 of the world best technology partners to bring our clients a range of capabilities to help them get more out of their website via CRO technologies that provide a Robust testing and personalization platform. Since our launch in 2010 we have been actively growing our Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) practice. We have been one of the counties leading agencies helping to perfect the practice of CRO and showing brands how they can maximise the potential of their digital assets. In 2012, New Republique formed a strategic partnership with one of the worlds leading CRO technologies, Maxymiser. We were the first to bring this revolutionary technologies to the market and with the acquisition of Maxymiser by Oracle, we were able to further strengthen our relationship with the worlds leading technology companies. Our partnership with Oracle has seen us grow our solution in leaps and bounds. The partnership has given us many advantages and helped both our and Oracles clients gain access to a fully integrated market cloud that provide local brands with a level of capable that is unheard of within this category. As the first Maxymiser partner we have been able to push the technology to new heights. We have been able to not only help brands get the most out of the technology but also find new ways to integrate solutions to provide customers a fully integrated and personalised experience. Although our partnership provides great benefits we are also free to maintain our technology independence to work across many other technology. Oracle, provides us with an enterprise solution that is that helps complete our solution stack for clients. This gives us the ability to support all clients at different budget constraints and CRO maturity levels. We are proud of our relationship with Oracle and see the strategic partnership as a key to our clients success. See the recent presentation from Oracle on Cross Channel Personalisation