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It’s not work
if you’re having fun


We’re for culture that fuels creativity & innovation

At New Republique we see our work as our hobby and consider every piece of work a reflection of who we are. We consider our team as family. Each Monday we have breakfast together and wrap up the week with drinks. We all love what we do and are always on the look out for the next great talent to join our team.

Find the right problem


Act with integrity


Create work you are proud of


Celebrate difference


Our mission is to create environments that help people make better decisions & live better lives


Great team working to make things happen, and the things going to happen are more interesting!

Eric Yue - Former Employee

Awesome place to work at. Great team doing an amazing work!

Rafael Andreollo - Former Employee

Have been here since August working on helping clients with their conversion rate optimisation and AB testing strategies. Such a lovely workplace to be in; open office, upbeat music, a cute puppy dog plus a great switched on team and supportive work environment.

Amy Cheng - Employee
A day at the office

« There’s always a vibe in our office »

Music plays daily and the team gets a chance to play the music they love. We will see people collaborating, chatting and breaking out to all the nooks and crannys that the office has to offer.

The perks you’ll receive working at New Republique

Thank God it’s Monday

Because Monday sucks, we try to make the hurt a little better by having breakfast every Monday together. An amazing cup of coffee makes the start of the week that little bit easier.


We believe that training is a win/win outcome. We focus on helping you achieve you career goals at the same time aligning this to the work you are delivering.

Friday Fun Day

On Fridays we shut the shop early and have drinks with the team. Kick-up your feet and enjoy discussing with the team what your highlights of the week were and your plans for the weekend.

Open Bar

After a day of work there is nothing better than kicking back with a drink of your favourite wine, beer and spirits. Our bar opens at 5 and you can help yourself to as much or as little as you like.


We share a mindset that dictates our company culture and hiring criteria.

  • Hungry for new knowledge
  • Wish to make a true impact
  • Strive in a dynamic environment
  • Be honest
  • Embrace the unknown
  • Meticulous by birth, rebels by choice
  • Ideas over egos
  • Always questioning how to do better
  • Value relationships

Want to join our team?

We are always on the hunt for great talent to join our team. Drop us an email to work together and change the world. For a full-time position or internship, send us a link to your portfolio and cover letter to