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Bendigo Bank

Our engagement with Bendigo Bank focused on the revamp of the website using CRO. The primary goal of the business was to redesign the website templates using experimentation as a means of validating the page structure and performance.

Client: Bendigo Bank
Category: Banking & Finance
Services: CRO


The digital team at Bendigo Bank wanted to revamp the website however budget and time restricted its progress.

Within our initial meeting, we proposed the use of CRO for the suggested program of work. We hypothesized that this method would deliver a new site design in half the cost and time than the traditional design process.

Our brief was to design and test the key templates of the site across desktop and mobile. Successful templates were then passed onto the development team for the replatforming work.

The test

We began this program of work by identifying the unique templates that had enough traffic to run a number of experiments.

We reviewed each page independently, looking at exit points within the page, issues with usability, poor structures that did not match the category norms and a lack of persuasion structure to assist with buying intent.

All of these factors were built into a multi-cluster experimentation (also known as macro test). Each template was then tested against control to help identify the best page structure for conversion.

Each page was then tested in consecutive order to help create a system design that was tested, validated and provided a framework from which to rollout the site design.

The results

Our first test delivered a 104% uplift in users applying for a home loan, this was 53% more leads than the same time the year prior. Each test there after delivered a similar respective uplift in sales conversion.


uplift in users applying for a home loan