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General Pants

We have been working with General Pants for many years. Our engagement is to help bring a culture of experimentation into the business and to provide a team to help run the program of work.

Client: General Pants
Category: eCommerce, fashion retail
Services: CRO, Personalisation


Our engagement with General Pants was to help establish an experimentation team. We did this via a mix of our teams to create a fully functional, cross disciplined squad dedicated to experimentation.

Our program has the team running a series of A/B tests and personalisation campaigns across the site.

One of the first and most memorable personalisation campaigns we ran was for abandon carts.

Our research identified that a large proportion of users abandon during the checkout process. Of the users who return, more than 50% were not going back to their cart to complete their purchase.

The strategy

Given that a large proportion of users were returning to the site post adding items to their cart, we hypothesized that by reminding them of the items in cart may entice them to go back to the purchase process.

We designed two experiences to test the range of methods by which to remind users of their abandoned cart.

On return of the user we looked up the cookie to see what items remain and checked the stock availability.

Based on these factors we presented one of 3 experiences (Control, variation 1 and variation 2). We measured a number of metrics. These included clicked purchase confirmation, average order value and the primary metric of click on CTA.

The primary goal was to see which variation got the user back into the funnel and purchase journey.

The results

The test proved that reminding users of their abandoned cart proved to be successful with over 35.37% increase in clicks on V2 and a 10.52% increase in purchase confirmation.


in clicks


increase in purchase confirmation