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We have been working with HCF for over a year. We are heavily involved in building a mature and sophisticated experimentation and integrated personalisation program across all parts of the prospect and customer journey. With a focus on acquisition, retention and customer service via the digital channels.

Client: HCF
Category: Banking and Finance
Services: CRO, Personalisation


The HCF program of work was built over time using a continuous improvement to build the program.

When we were first engaged our role was to help establish an experimentation program with a view to exit within 6 months. 18 months later we are still working with HCF building one of the most unique and mature experimentation programs.

Our work has us working across all major funnels and site experiences across the HCF brand. Today we are running experiments and personalisation campaigns for prospective customers, customers within the quote funnel and assisting existing customer from churning.

The test

Our engagement has seen us run a range of experiments and personalisation campaigns.

Our first test we noticed that most of the category began the purchase funnel within the public website. HCF, however required the user to click a “Get a quote” CTA to enter the funnel.

This raised an interesting question. Which of these two strategies being adopted by the category worked better?

We hypothesized that users want it to be easy to get a comparison quote. As such, the easier we make it for them to get a quote, the more likely they are to enter the funnel.

Although technically difficult, we focused on bringing step 1 of the process out of the funnel and presenting it on the homepage hero panel.

We designed the experiment to focus on entry into the funnel and final output of the quote process. Our aim was to prove that creating a shopping experience that is similar to the category would help prospective customer enter the quote funnel.

The results

The test proved that creating a consistent experience to resemble the industry was important to help users fulfil a task of getting a quote. Specifically, the test delivered a 188% uplift in users entering the “get a quote” funnel.


uplift in users entering the “get a quote” funnel