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HSBC Australia

HSBC is one of our longstanding partners. We were initially engaged by HSBC to establish a user first thinking framework within the business. To do this, we established a UX and UI capability within the business, followed by experimentation and frontend development support.

Client: HSBC Australia
Category: Banking & Finance
Services: UX, Product design, Experimentation & Personalisation


Our engagement with HSBC was to help establish an UX/UI capability across the business to service both the internal digital team and product teams.

Our briefs vary from designing experiences for new products, to optimising or personalising the site experience on

In this case study, we designed an experience to assist with fraud detection.

Within this program of work, we were engaged to help design an experience that integrated a mobile verification program to help validate the user who was applying for HSBC product.

The main objective of the program of work was to reduce abandonment rate through the user validation process which moves between devices (desktop to mobile and back to mobile).

The test

The journey for this experience began after the user had applied for their desired product. The primary function was to communicate the requirements and steps required for validation.

The challenge with this task was the journey we needed to move the user through desktop to mobile and back again.

We designed the experience for the “completion oriented user” (i.e. the type of user that does not read, but rather scans the page to quickly complete the task).

To assist the user through this journey we designed, multiple guides and instructions throughout the journey.

Within the designs we utilised as many System 1 cues as possible (i.e. icons). In addition we consolidated content by using accordion containers where possible.


The experience has helped drastically reduce the number of fraudulent application and increase the number of successful applications through the new journey.