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Maia Financial

One of our most loved branding projects. We worked closely with the CEO and Marketing director, to re-define, re-name and re-position the organisation.

Client: Maia Financial
Category: Banking & Finance
Services: Brand development, UX, website design


MAIA financial is an asset finance provider. The company helps clients unlock capital within their business by buying and leasing back to the business core infrastructure.

In 2018, the brand was acquired by a private equity firm. As part of the acquisition process the CEO wanted to shed some of the negative market sentiment that came with the previous brand, Alleasing.

The organisation wanted to reposition itself to a more mature enterprise brand. To do this, they needed to shed the old brand and position.

Our brief was to help the new executive team define who they aspire to be and how to express that in a brand and a range of visual assets.

The strategy

We believe great brands are built from the inside out.

To do this we interviewed the team and current, lapsed and prospective customers. Our aim was to understand what made the company unique and their purpose in the world.

What became clear was that the old brand did not have a unifying position and purpose. This is where we started.

We worked with the executive team to help define the organisational mission and purpose via our proprietary workshop activity called Frame.

We then used archetypes to help formulate the brand personality and tone.

All of this data was merged to formulate the brand purpose, “To help organisations unlock the growth capital hidden within their business”. This was then coupled with the brand archetypes (The Hero & The Explorer) to help formulate the brand tone and personality.

Using these key inputs we started to formulate a new brand name. Our work led us to the name, MAIA. MAIA is the greek goddess of Growth. This was perfectly aligned to the newly found brand’s purpose.

Our designer then started to piece all of these new brand constructs to create a design palette.

Given MAIA was the goddess of growth, we explored brand colours that demoted growth – Green golds and earth tones.

This formulated our brand foundations from which all our brand assets were rolled out.

The final step was to create a brand tagline that denoted the new positioning statement. Our work lead us to “Growth unbound”, an encapsulation and summation of our brand purpose and name.

The results

In our post implementation research with clients and staff, 95% of people interviewed highly rated the new brand. 62% of lapsed customer said they would re-engage in conversation with the business for future work.