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We helped bring a culture of experimentation to one of the world’s largest brand, Qantas. Working with the loyalty team, our engagement has seen us working across the finance and private health insurance brands of Qantas loyalty to help increase engagement and uptake.

Client: Qantas
Category: Airlines, Banking and Finance
Services: CRO


In 2019 Qantas loyalty engaged us to bring a culture of experimentation to the loyalty team for the financial products.

Starting with the qantas credit cards we ran a program of work to help increase application starts from the website.

Within our scope we were tasked in establishing an experimentation program, create a testing velocity and showing positive ROI.

The focus of the program was to demonstrate to the business that experimentation was a viable strategy to help the drive data led decisions.

The strategy

In our first test we looked about key points in the journey that showed a higher than average exit rate.

Our research landed us on the “pre-qualification page”. This is a page most financial institutions use to help inform prospective customers of the requirements to apply. In many ways the role of the page is to ensure the users that continue are genuinely interested in applying for a credit card.

In this experiment we wanted to understand the impact of removing the pre-qualification page from the funnel.

The funnel had a 3 step process, one of which was the pre-qualification page. However the content on the page added no value to the journey and most of the content could exist on other pages within the funnel.

We also found within our user testing that many users did not understand why they landed on the pre-qual page when they clicked the apply now button.

We established the experiment as a funnel test. Comparing the traditional funnel against our new shorter funnel. Our test assessment of success was based on the reduction of exit, increase in user flow through to apply and number of approved credit card applications.

The results

The test delivered a 24% uplift in app starts within the 2 weeks the test was set live. In addition we were able to to reduce bounce rates by 137%.


uplift in app starts


reduce bounce rates