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Sarah & Sebastian

Most fashion retailers struggle to bring their brand experience to life online and merge it with the functional requirements of a traditional ecommerce store.

Client: Sarah & Sebastian
Category: eCommerce, fashion retail
Services: UX, website design & development


Sarah & Sebastian is one of Australia’s best known custom jewelers. The brand is a collaboration between Sarah Gittoes and Robert Sebastian Grynkofki.

Each season the duo create seasonal limited-edition collection. Each piece is created locally and developed by master artisans.

The online store was the first retail outlet of Sarah & Sebastian and played a key role in sales but also to bring to life the brand experience.

The brief was to redesign the estore to hero the product and make the buying journey a better reflection of the brand experience.

The objective of the redesign was to increase transaction rate, average order whilst telling the product story on key pages like the homepage and product page.

The strategy

We partnered with the team at Sarah & Sebastian to create a global ecommerce experience for the luxury brand.

The strategy was to layer the experience as the user moved through the shopping journey.

We designed an experience that told the story of luxury and heroed the product through the journey.

Within our planning we focused on designing to the audience context. As most of our customers are influenced by Instagram, we knew we needed to make the experience visual and influencer focused.

We accomplished this by making the product images dominant across the journey and used a subdued colour pallete to let the product shine.

Large bold images upfront that contextualised the product and inspired the user to progress to purchase.

We designed the mini-cart to allow the user to stay on the site, rather than breaking the user journey. In addition, as the user progresses through purchase pathway we decided to focus on removing clutter and focusing the user on progressing to checkout.

Throughout the journey we layered levels of cognitive biases to engage users to take the next step to purchase.

The results

Since its launch, our design has been able to streamline the shopping and transaction experience without compromising the rich brand experience. The responsive solution is not an integral part of the global sales function, which now services over twenty countries worldwide.