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We were engaged by the executive team to develop an MVP (Minimal Valuable Product) for a new type of trading platform for the US equity market.

Client: Stake
Category: Banking & Finance
Services: UX, UI and product design

W3 Awards Gold


W3 Awards Best in show



In 2009 Stake was established with one purpose, to help Australians find a simple way to trade on the US stock exchange.

Our team was engaged to help the 3 founders bring to life their trading platform. But, the experience could not be ordinary.

Stake had to bring the disruptive personality of its founders to life and establish a new style of experience for a unique type of trader.

The strategy

We started by opening accounts with a number of trading platforms both locally and globally.

We found that the the world of online trading was primarily built for users who have some level of experience in trading.

Ideally, for Stake to work, we needed target “new to trading” investor. Ideally, they are just entering the market and they have no connection to any one platform so getting them to try us, “given we are awesome”, wouldn’t be too hard.

Through workshops and research across the category, we realised everyone fundamentally looks and behaves the same. Ideally, buying shares should be simple, as simple as buying a t-shirt from The Iconic. The question we asked ourselves was, why.

Why doesn’t this category act and behave like eCommerce? All of the same factors apply e.g. find, select, add to cart and purchase.

We started by listing out all the conventions of eCommerce sites, for example simple search, ability to create a wishlist, ability to buy gifts, shopping basket etc.

Our design vision was to build the world’s first online shopping site for shares. We wanted people to take the knowledge of buying clothes to buying shares.

The results

Our work won 2 awards in the 2017 international W3 Awards in New York. Gold winner for business finance website and Best in Show across all categories.

Always a pleasure to deal with. These guys are at the top of their game!

Jon Abitz - Stake