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We have been engaged by the ZIP product and acquisition team to assist with web experimentation, customer engagement, account opens and app download.

Client: ZIP
Category: Fintech
Services: CRO, Personalisation


Zip engaged us to help the business update the website via CRO and help increase conversions of applications starts and app downloads.

Our program of work has us creating a series of CRO experiments and personalisations campaigns across the public site.

One of the key pages on the site was the shopping page. The primary focus of the page is to promote the retail partners and drive traffic to the online store of partners.

Currently 23% of first time visitors to the site, leave via the shopping page. We needed to create an experience that stopped first time users without an account leaving the site.

The test

Within our user testing, we identified that the majority of new users did not understand how to sign-up for a ZIP account. As such we needed clear instructions and guides (e.g. CTA) to guide the user into the application process.

In addition to this, the Shop pages is one of the highest trafficked pages on the site, visited by both members looking for retailers as well as new user.

We hypothesized the reason why we were losing so many users was due to the vague nature of the page and the lack of guidance for new to sign-up before they progress to the retailers page.

Our strategy was based on creating an experience that targeted users based on their visit status (i.e. member vs non-member). Based on the status, we presented users with two CTA options for each store tiles. One CTA would link to the retailers site while the other would take the user to the account sign-up process.

The results

The test proved that targeting users by their member status and presenting relevant CTA increased visits to the application page by 36% and application starts by 80%.


increased visits


increased application starts