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About our product

The biggest problem with personalisation is data

Until now personalisation has all been about modelling behavioural data to predict future action. The issue is that data is only one part of the puzzle. It is the “what”, but no one is focussing on the “why” of personalisation.

We have built a new approach that focus on uncovering and personalising the experiences based on the underlying motivation of customers.


Introducing Limbic profiling

Limbic profiling uses a propriety qualitative studies of targeting segments to understand the context of the purchase decisions and onsite behaviours.

The output of the qualitative study forms the bases of the customer personas which are then used to create motivation profiles. These are then mapped back to the data signals within your data warehouse and used to delivery the next level of personalised experiences for existing and prospective customers.

A new method to personalise customer experience

  • Data Analysis
  • Segmentation analysis and set-up
  • Limbic profiling
  • Behavioural audits
  • Behaviour Mapping
  • Personalisation strategy
  • Personalisation testing
Set – up and implementation
  • Data and infrastructure auditing
  • Technology selection
  • Technology integration
  • Data centralisation & QA
  • Limbic signal mapping
Case Study

We helped General Pants personalise the customer experience

Working with General Pants we helped one of Australia’s coolest retailers put into place some simple personalisation experiences that has seen purchase uptake increase by 43%.

Conversion rate

+53.3% more in views to cart

+43.15% more purchases

+36.32% more revenue


Always a pleasure to deal with. These guys are at the top of their game!

Jon Abitz - Stake

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