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Data is often the difference between coming 1st or last

We believe data and analytics start with design. To truely enable a business to be data first you must consider data within the design process, how the data will be collected and how it will roll up into reports that matter to the business.

Our flipped data model is one of the most innovative approaches to data and analytics available in the market.

Our Methodology

Data and analytics is a vital component of what we do within our UX and experimentation product. In essence we need the right data to run the right experiments/design the right experience. As such, data and analytics is a key component to what we do.

Our methodology is focused on working data backwards, or as we like to think of it, a ‘data first’ approach. We spend time understanding the types of reports the board needs and working this back into the department and digital asset needed.

From this we assess the interaction design both on and offsite to determine what types of data is available for us to extract and report on.

This process allows us to understand what data we can collect and what opportunities are available which needs to be built into future experiences.

How we can help

Google analytics tagging
Reporting set-up
Monthly and weekly integrated reporting
Dashboard set-up
Full Story dashboard set-up

Helping Subaru mobile its data

Our collaboration with Subaru has seen the team trust their data and make more data-led decisions. What’s more impressive, the business is embracing a data first approach in their work.

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