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About our product

We don’t do experimentation;
We are experimentation

New Republique is one of the leading experimentation consultancies in Australia.

Over the past decade our team has worked on developing one of the most rigorous and award winning experimentation programs.

Whether you are looking to validate a design, safe guard from failure for a new release, increase leads, sign-ups or improve site engagement, we can help.

We have developed a bespoke methodology which has been built out of the fusion between traditional UX, agile delivery and experimentation.

Speed is key component of our methodology. We aim to research, design and validate within the shortest period of time.

We use a process of Minimal Viable Research (MVR) to identify and validate a Problem and Hypothesis Statement (PS-h), from this we create a Minimal Valuable Experience (MVX) and release it as an experiment to validate and learn. We call this method, Agile Experiment Design (AED).

Our methodology is focused on rapid continuous improvement rather than delayed perfection and to teach our clients how to do what we do, with an aim to become redundant as a quickly as possible.

With 4 ways to engage New Republique we have created a model that allows us to help any brand no matter where they are in their experimentation journey.

How we can help

Experimentation services
  • Experimentation type
  • Experimentation planning
  • A/B testing • A/Bn testing
  • Multivariate testing
  • Series testing
  • Conversion mapping
  • Form experimentation and optimisation
  • Funnel experimentation and optimisation
  • Experimentation design
Engagement models
  • Program audit and optimisation
  • Full outsourced experimentation program
  • Insourcing skilled experimentation consultants
  • Experimentation training
  • Experimentation audit and strategy
Case Study

We helped P&O Cruises with CRO

Prior to engaging with us, P&O had previously tried to get an experimentation program off the ground. In 2018, P&O enlisted our help to prove to the business that experimentation could add value.

Conversion rate

64% conversion

A proud partner of

GO Group is an amalgamation of the top experimentation businesses around the world, under a partner agreement. All partner retain ownership of their offices, yet they benefit from sharing knowledge, capabilities, resources and expertise.

Today Go Group has delivered over 14 Billion in ROI for some of the biggest brands in the world.


Nima and the team are amazing. Great people to work with but at the same time providing results to benefit the business. Is a pleasure working with the team at New Republique.

James McKewon - P&O

Our Awards for CRO

Optimizely Agency of the year APAC


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