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About our product

Product Design & Validation

Our approach to product design and validation is merger of our experimentation and UX methodology. Since our inception we have been involved in conceptualising, designing and validating some of the most influential brands locally and globally.

Our methodology

We have built a bespoke method to conceptualise and designing digital products.

Our approach is an amalgamation of experimentation and UX methodology.

We begin by immersing ourselves into the category, the business and user mindset. We do this via a deep dive analysis into macro and micro trends of the category, the users, the business operations and the evolving supporting technologies. The output of this forms a strategy that becomes the rudder for our design process.

Using an MVR (Minimal Viable Research) we quickly design, iterate and validate via qualitative research to ensure what we design is useful, useable and desirable for the end user. And, because we have run thousands of experiments, we know what types of interactions work and those that don’t.

Our aim is to create a design language that differentiates and gives the product the greatest chance of success.

Once released, we start to run a series of experiments to further optimise the product experience.

How we can help

  • Market analysis & positioning
  • Product strategy
  • Operational readiness plan
  • New product concepting
  • Detailed product design
  • Technical planning
  • Functional specification
  • Asset sheet and design guideline development

One of our products, Stake.

We were approached by 3 entrepreneurs that wanted to reshape the online trading market.

The brief was simple, re-create a trading platform like NAB and commsec but design it with the ability to trade in US equities. The one core premise of the product was, to create a platform that allowed customers to buy shares in brands they loved. Our work was globally recognised and has won a number of prestigious awards.


Always a pleasure to deal with. These guys are at the top of their game!

Jon Abitz - Stake

Our award in product design

W3 Awards Gold


W3 Awards Best in show


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