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The Pulse Report

A study of the top experimentation programs in Australia.

Learn how the best organisations build experimentation culture to deliver growth

Learn how to structure your teams for growth

Study the testing techniques of the most mature retail brands

Benchmark your business and program

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An in-depth look at the experimentation program of leading brands in Australia

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    Learn from the top brands in Australia

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    What you’ll learn

    10x growth

    Get an inside glimpse into how Australia’s top retail brands are using experimentation to 10X their growth.

    Structured for growth

    Learn how the most mature experimentation companies have organised their team to maximise their growth from experimentation


    Learn the pitfalls and traps of the top experimentation businesses in Australia and how to avoid them.


    What’s included?

    Experimentation maturity by industry

    The four key pillars of experimentation

    Advice on the best team structure

    Challenges in experimentation

    Program ownership


    Who is this report for?

    CMOs and C-suite decision-makers that want to continuously improve their product experience.
    Product leaders that need a better data led decision making process
    Experimentation leads wanting to drive velocity and maturity in their program
    UX designers that are involved in an experimentation program

    Who is New Republique?

    New Republique is an award winning, experience optimisation consultancy specialising in brand, user experience design (UX) and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) strategies, to dramatically improve the performance of websites for brands.

    We work with some of Australia’s largest brands.