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Conversion Rate Optimisation



Strategy and UX

Visual Design and Development

The Brief

Employsure is Australia’s leading workplace relations specialists, working directly with business owners and employers to build solid foundations for business success. They provide over 14,000 Australian businesses with specialised advice, assistance and cost-effective solutions for employment relations and work health and safety concerns. Fair Work Help is one of the bespoke landing pages for Employsure’s lead generation activity. With a click to lead conversion rate of 3.0% this page alone accounted for a large percentage of monthly revenue for the business. Realising that a 1 percentage point increase in conversion rate could generate over 20 percent increase in revenue, Employsure engaged New Republique to apply best practise CRO techniques with an aim to increase the on-site conversion rate, therefore increasing the overall ROI from ad spend.
The Brief
The Brief

The Strategy

Understanding that conversion rates can be affected by a number of factors such as:
  • The buyer psychology based on where they are in the purchase journey
  • The behavioural economics of how customer make buying decisions
  • Our ability to build trust and give confidence in our solution
and taking into consideration the importance of the site for revenue, the hypothesis was built around applying CRO techniques to increase conversion rates whilst being open to negative test results as a chance to learn and hyper optimise for greater growth on the bottom line. New Republique worked closely with Employsure to create a range of rapid-fire tests that would focus on:
  • The page architecture and storytelling
  • The messaging
  • The personalized experience based on the behavioural action
All of these working together allowed us to deliver a greater conversion rate from site visits. So of our experiments and insights  included:
    • Reducing the form on the Fair Work help page increased call rates by 11.85%
    • Adding photos of call centre staff increased conversions to 9.59%.
    • Adding customer testimonials to create a sense of credibility and current date relevance increased the conversion rate to 7.85%.
We discovered that test results and the psychology of users differ between a desktop and a mobile, which resulted in two different design solutions, one for mobile and one for desktop. There were a number of mobile tests which also increased conversions:
      • Adding numbered advisors increased the conversion rate to 18.67%
      • Displaying images of advisors with bullet lists increased conversions to 16.90%.
New Republique also applied the psychological principles of loss aversion into the landing page copy. This included highlighting the number of working days lost so that business owners could see how much money they could lose by not looking at their workplace practices. We segmented users by consideration. This allowed the Fair Work Help landing page to capture users at every stage of the consideration process. An email capture form obtained email addresses from people who weren’t yet at the purchase or consideration stage. There was also a focus on creating relevancy. The Fair Work Help landing page focuses on providing advice across all sectors, but we knew that expanding to other verticals would allow more relevancy in each. We created new designs for each service area. These included different colour schemes, graphics, and structures to match the customer profiles. We then applied learnings from the winning tests across these sub-sites.
The Strategy

The Results

Through effective use of CRO we were able to successfully deliver a multi-variant testing roadmap that that over achieved the original target to deliver:
  • 43.8% more phone calls
  • 4.9% more engagement and reduce the bounce rate by close to 5%
  • 8.4% more submissions to the call back form
  • 39.69% increase in conversion rate between Feb 2016 and Feb 2017
The findings from the single landing page have now been rolled out to the other web assets and into new markets, such as New Zealand, to improve the ROI on all digital media spend with Employsure embracing the importance of CRO for improved lead generation and establishing an ongoing engagement.