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The Brief

GoCatch’s brand revitalisation is the poster child of what Australian organisations need to do in the face of major global juggernauts entering the market and eating marketshare. 
As Australia’s first taxi hailing app, GoCatch enjoyed a first to market competitive position. However over time more local players began to overtake their market share and the entry of Uber as well as the growth of Uber X saw this Aussie brand quickly watch it’s market share erode.
The Brief

The Strategy

As a brand GoCatch faced an unfair number of hurdles:
  • The reliance on a third party (Taxis) for delivery of the service
The Taxi industry as a whole is generally disliked
The Taxi industry was going through a public fight with Uber which highlighted the poor lack of quality within the category

  • A well funded global entrant that understood customer experience, brand and a truly global disrupter.
The entry of Uber put focus on the Taxi industry as a whole. It showed the lack of quality, care and consistency. As a hailing app, GoCatch greatly suffered as Uber provoked the Taxi industry. This meant Gocatch was caught in the cross fire. At the time the brand saw a massive dip (13%) in sales, with consumers opting for a black car service via Uber or other modes of transport.
The Strategy