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Brand and UX

Web and mobile app design


The Brief

Shoppers perceived all canned tomatoes to be more or less the same. The purchase decision was being made on price alone. We needed to give grocery buyers a reason to fall in love with our premium priced Mutti tomatoes. But how would we take on a crowded market sector with firmly entrenched brands? Our approach was to throw as much passion into a brand re-launch as Mutti shows in growing and selecting its tomatoes in the first place. Strategically there was a unique place that we could claim. Unlike local brands, Mutti already possessed a strong and genuine association with authentic Italian cooking – a coveted position in such a crowded segment. It was now up to us to consistently represent the brand to Australian shoppers as the authentic, passionate choice when it comes to tomatoes. And we had to translate Mutti’s international reputation in terms that would grab the attention of cooking enthusiasts in Australia.
The Brief

The Strategy

We timed our campaign to coincide with the launch of Mutti into Coles. Our quest was to create Mutti fanatics, or ‘Infatuatos.’ In store mini-billboards promoted every foodie’s dream prize – a trip for two to Italy with cooking classes in Tuscany – the cradle of Italian cuisine. The entry mechanic was simple. Pick up the specially marked Mutti cluster packs, head to the website and describe your first sensation of polpa, Mutti’s distinctive, finely chopped tomatoes. Exclusive Westfield cooking demonstrations with Mutti’s head chef Carlo Casoni further added to brand engagement – and more importantly, brand enjoyment. In a crowded market segment, it’s all too easy to get lost in the noise. We attracted potential new infatuatos with three cut-through ideas. The first was the bespoke Mutti mobile app. Given away as a gift with purchase, it allowed customers who were trying Polpa for the first time to find out much more about the product, quickly and easily. With recipes, meal reminders and a handy shopping list tool, it made those who were impressed by what they tasted to quickly and easily dive deeper into the brand. We also included an handy recipe suggestion tool what would remind busy Mums ahead of time what they should be buying for that night’s dinner. Simultaneously, a ‘Win a Trip to Italy’ competition was held to further boost sales while also driving home the importance of Mutti’s authentic Italian heritage. This was something that the local, cheaper brands just couldn’t do. Entry requirements asked participants to express what they felt when they first tasted Polpa, crystallising their interest in the brand and it’s core attributes – an obsession with Italy’s best tomatoes. Traditional but effective price promotions were also conducted through Coles and Westfields Shopping centres to get the product into people’s mouths – something that had been proven to convert sceptics into infatuatos previously. Sampling stands were created in a traditional tomato farmer’s theme to again support Mutti’s key selling points.
The Strategy

The Results

We knew we’d made an impact when Coles Broadway sold out of Mutti tomatoes within two hours of them hitting the shelf. But even more importantly than quick sales, we had helped open up the Australian market by leveraging the brand’s unique European heritage of quality production. The consumer journey was just as natural as the products themselves. Mutti’s reputation for quality is now resonating with Australians too, who have long shared an affinity with authentic Italian cooking.