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The Brief

It’s a truth that the decisions you make today will come back to visit you tomorrow. As a provider of life insurance, it’s in Zurich’s best interests that you live a long and fruitful life. So we wanted to show exactly how your lifestyle decisions today will ultimately have an impact on your life expectancy. And we wanted to do this in an interactive and salient way. We developed a strategic framework called ‘Knowledge to Secure’. Essentially this is about empowering Australians knowledge they need to make informed choices about their insurance – particularly life insurance. This positioning sits perfectly with Zurich’s EziCover product. EziCover is all about making it easier for you to look after family and loved ones in the event of an early death or serious accident. And at its heart EziCover is all about tailoring your protection yourself to suit your unique needs.
The Brief


We created an API to sit on Zurich’s EziCover website to show exactly how your choices effect your life expectancy. In life, bad things happen. People die. Of course. But an early death can take a massive impact on your family. We recognised that many of the factors that lead to an early death are related to the lifestyle you lead today. So we created an API to sit on Zurich’s EziCover website to show exactly how your choices effect your life expectancy. Taking the form of an easy to operate dashboard we let users change certain variables to see how their lifespan, and their life insurance premium, would change. We called our online calculator ‘Life’s Little Challenges’. Illustrated in a clean vector style, users could shift the levers to adjust certain variables. For instance the number of alcoholic drinks consumed in a day will influence both your life expectancy and your premium. Apparently nine drinks a day isn’t so great for you. Who knew? The fun, interactive nature, not to mention the simple user experience, allowed for a greater understanding of the importance of Zurich’s EziCover product.

The Results

‘Life’s Little Challenges’ was a huge success. We’d set out to provide people with the knowledge that would help secure their financial stability in the event of an unexpected death, and we’d done it in spades. 90% of users kept engaged. 95% said they now had a better understanding of life insurance. Better still, 95% said they would now be more likely to take out life insurance themselves. We’d increased people’s confidence in the value of life insurance, improved Zurich’s on-site engagement levels, and gotten sales of their product ticking up again.